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CALL TO ACTION, before May 8th!!! ALS Advocacy Alert

Does someone you care about have ALS?  Do you want to do something that can help and do it in 10 minutes or less?? Well, here is your opportunity!

In May, ALS Awareness Month, a group of 21 people will be going from The Central & Southern Ohio Chapter to Washington, D.C. to advocate for ALS - - representing people with ALS in our 55 counties – to our Members of Congress on Capitol Hill.  We will be joined by hundreds of other ALS advocates from across the United States, pleading with our Members of Congress to pay attention and help fund priorities (click HERE for legislative priorities) vital to ALS research and quality of life for people living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

One of our top ALS legislative priorities this year is asking Congress to waive the 5 month waiting period for patients to receive their Social Security Disability Insurance.  If our Members of Congress hear from us, they are much more likely to pay attention! Seeing YOUR LETTER stacked up with many others will help us make a difference!

1) Print off and sign 3 letters: 1 EACH to BOTH Senators, 1 to your Representative;
2) Scan and e-mail them to:, or mail them back to our Chapter Office: The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter, 1170 Old Henderson Road, Suite 221, Columbus, OH  43220

All your letters will be hand-delivered to the office of each Member on May 16th, when our group of 21 makes visits to their offices on that day.

YOU can help us make a difference for those with ALS – Please take just a few minutes to participate in this “Call to Action!” By doing this, you are investing 10 minutes of time in your loved one with ALS.  It DOES make a difference – THANK YOU!!


Become an Advocate

Your Voice Counts!

An ALS Association Advocate is a foot soldier in the battle to defeat ALS. An ALS Association Advocate is someone who is passionate about getting involved with government at all levels to draw awareness and resources to the people affected by this disease. An ALS Association Advocate is someone who is willing step outside of their comfort zone to effect real change in the way our government responds to the needs of the ALS community. Even if you aren't a friend relative, supporter or business associate of a legislator, you can open doors through your outreach. As an ALS Association Advocate, you can help change the laws and policies that affect thousands of persons with ALS and their families.