Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


Diane Houstons Walk Team

The last words my beloved Tag wrote to me were “lead a purposeful meaningful life and happiness will follow”. The best way I have now to do that is to help in the fight to end ALS in any way I can.  TAG team has now walked three years in a row.  This was our best year ever.  At the beginning I told the team that when they raised $10,000 I would match it.  When they achieved this I held off for a few days because Tag’s birthday would have been 9/22.  She would have been 69 years old.  We felt is would be an appropriate birthday gift in her honor.  As it turns out on that same day her grand nephew made his way into this world. 

On day one of this diagnosis there is no data dump which tells the patient and caregiver ,”ok here is everything you need to know to get through the next few years”. The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter was our resource for information, assistance, etc.  The monthly support group meetings helped me and everyone else to keep going.  When obstacles arose, a phone call to the office usually brought swift assistance.  This organization was invaluable to us and that is why I support them any way I can by volunteering, continuing with the support group and making sure that Tag Team continues to honor her memory by walking and raising money every year.  It gives our lives purpose.

Henry Martinez